Blogging GuideIines (Before you place a comment please look at this)

I mentioned all of this in my first post but I’ll type it again (well actually copy and paste … well you know what I mean)

First please talk properly

This is how I don’t want you to talk (OMG guys i was like lol and rofl at the person u should have totally been there)

This is how I want you to talk ( Hey every one I was in this situation today it was so funny you should have been there)

Well not exactly but you get the point.

Second If you want to place a comment speak positivity I understand you might not agree with what the person says but still speak like so (I get where your coming from but I think …)

Don’t do this (Not in a million years will that be correct I’m way better)

Thirdly Keep your privacy Ill tell you one thing I’m not really a ninja but i’m pretending to be one as a username so I can Keep my Privacy
Please don’t type anything about where you work, go to school, your name, phone number or your address.

Lastly please when you comment please make sure it concerns the post.

Thank you for understanding!

All i want is to have a fun, interesting blog!

2 thoughts on “Blogging GuideIines (Before you place a comment please look at this)

  1. Hi

    This is just me leaving my first ever blog, I feel like my grandmother tackling the concept of an answering machine the first time.

    Great artwork and fantastic poem

    I hope I’ve done this right and won’t be a source of extreme embarrassment to you, perhaps I should have changed my name

  2. Hi Tammy,

    No it’s fine just please don’t mention my first or last name!

    From The Questioning Ninja

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