Chinese Cinderella Poem

chinese cinderella book coverHey Everyone,

In class we are reading Chinese Cinderella and I would recommend it to anyone and everyone.

I did a poem about something that happens in chapter 4.

This is based on when the main character’s grandma died.

And I apologize to my teacher again for accidentally making her cry when I read this to her.

Just so you know this is written in the main character’s point of view.

Ye Ye is her grandfather and Nai Nai is her grandmother.

The Last Time I Saw Her

The last time I saw her was in her room,

When the bindings came off,

I squeezed my eyes,

The stench made me want to cry,

The sound of clipping and pulls,

As the dead skin came off,

And the nails were clipped,

Making her toes more attractive,

Well a little bit,

The soap running over her feet,

While soapy water soothed her aching toes,

Aunt Baba told me to go to bed,

So I did as asked,

Just to avoid getting in trouble,

Nai Nai talked to Aunt Baba,

Before Nai Nai went to her bath,

15 minutes later,

Ye Ye banged on the bathroom door,

The last time her saw her was in the bath,

Frothing from her mouth,

Her body limp,

I was disturbed from my slumber by Aunt Baba crying,

I sat on her lap,

And slowly wrapped her arms around her waist,

As she lifted her head and told me that Nai Nai’s life had ended,

I cried,

And cried,

How I miss her voice,

Oh how I miss her gentle touch,

Now the only memories I have of her,

Are of the last time I saw her.

Please comment and tell me if you can think of any other ways to make it better.

The Questioning Ninja is out!

6 thoughts on “Chinese Cinderella Poem

  1. I really like this poem! It’s very powerful and captures the mood of the book brilliantly. I’m reading the “Conspiracy 365” series at the moment – very formulaic but difficult to put down! Have you read them?

  2. Hey Auntie L,

    Thanks I was reading the book and all of a sudden my writer’s block was gone so I thought ‘I’ll have to write something before it comes back’ and I came up with this.
    I haven’t read the “Conspiracy 365” series yet but one of my friends is loving it if I’m correct she’s up to May.


    Questioning Ninja

  3. Hi Questioning Ninja,

    A powerfully descriptive piece of writing which evokes many emotions. I am so pleased that you’re enjoying writing:)

    Keep up the great blogging!

    Mrs F

  4. Hi Mrs F,

    Thank you, I love blogging so much.

    And I apologized for accidentally making you cry when I read it to you.


    The Questioning Ninja

  5. Hey Questioning Ninja!
    I can see that you like vampires. I also like the way you set up your blog! it would be nice if ypu could comment me back!

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