High School!

Hi everyone,

Recently my class have taken a tour of the senior school (which is linked to the junior school).

I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it.

We acted as year 7 students and went to 3 senior school classes!

We went to English, Science and ICT.

What does everyone remember from their first day of school and if you haven’t gone to high school yet, how do you feel about going into high school?

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Video Game!

Hi Everyone!

I’ve had a comment asking me to write a little bit about Kay Faraday and the game she comes from!

Just so everyone knows, throughout this post is a bunch of links, if you see a bit of bold text, click on it!

The game Kay comes from is called Ace Attorney Investigations.

Ace Attorney Investigations (or AAI for short) is about a prosecutor by the name of Miles Edgeworth.

Miles Edgeworth is featured in other ‘Ace Attorney’ games.

Kay is his assistant (well, if she had a say in it) who helps him in cases.

Detective Dick Gumshoe is one of the wackiest of characters (who also features in Ace Attorney) who isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed but lovable all the same!

The ‘Ace Attorney’ series starts at the game Phoenix Wright:Ace Attorney followed by Phoenix wright: Ace Attorney Justice for All and Phoenix Wright:Ace Attorney Trials and Tribulation.

After these 3 games comes Apollo Justice:Ace Attorney which is from the eyes of a new defense lawyer with a new cast of characters while keeping a few of the original characters and also bringing in some familiar faces.

The order of the games is in this order:

1. Phoenix Wright: Ace attorney

2. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Justice for All

3.Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trials and Tribulations

4. Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney

5. Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth

I would strongly recommend these games but I would also strongly recommend you play them in order.

If you are intrested in playing these games I’d recommend being at least 12+.

Also you must have an open mind and have patience to solve these cases.

Adults would also love these games as well as teens.

For information on the games, characters and other things Ace Attorney related go to this website.

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phoenix-wright-ace-attorney_1 phoenix-wright-ace-attorney-justice-for-all_1




New Picture!


Okay this is just when so one leaves after saving a friend.

The guy on the phone is her friend learning that their friend is at hospital and his other friend is leaving and the picture of her on the left is her when she decides to leave.

It was difficult to keep remembering that she was walking in the rain so I couldn’t do her usual big blue dress.

I'm Sorry

Last Day of Winter!

Hey Everyone,

It’s the last day of winter!

I love spring and summer but I don’t really like winter all that much, I don’t know why though!

What’s everyone’s favorite season and why?

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P.S. Please be sure to promote my blog and also on the 13th of September my class is going to Canberra and we are going to wear our hoodies which are very cool.


Hi Everyone,

Tomorrow at school we are going to gather in the Hinemoa and read our favorite bed time story with a comfy pillow and a teddy bear.

We are raising money for the “One Laptop Per Child” charity.

Believe it or not I have no idea which book to bring.

If you have any ideas please comment!

Whats your favorite bedtime story?

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